Hayabusa Transmission

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24221-24F00 2nd Drive Gear (NT:16)

24231-24F10 3rd and 4th Drive Gear

24251-24F00 5th Drive Gear

24252-24F10 5th Drive Gear Bush

24261-24F00 6th Drive Gear

24262-24F10 6th Drive Gear Bush

09263-20085 Center Shaft Left Hand Bearing

09267-25012 Center Shaft Right Hand Bearing

09285-20006 Oil Seal

09380-27004 2nd Drive Circlip

09380-27006 5th& 6th Drive Cirlip

24131-24F10 Drive Shaft

24311-24F00 1st Driven Gear (NT:34)

24312-24F10 1st Driven Bush

24321-24F00 2nd Driven Gear (NT:31)

24322-24F10 2nd Driven Bush

24331-24F00 3rd Driven Gear (NT:29)

24332-24F10 3rd& 4th Driven Bush

24341-24F00 4th Driven Gear (NT:27)

24351-24F10 5th Driven Gear (NT:25)

24361-24F10 6th Driven Gear (NT:24)

09263-20040 Drive Shaft Right Hand Bearing

09267-30011 Drive Shaft Left Hand Bearing

09283-42017 Drive Shaft Seal

09380-30009 2nd, 3rd and 4th Driven Circlips

27510-21A31 Engine Sprocket (NT:17)

27531-24F00 Sprocket Spacer

09159-20004 Nut