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I’ve made a few purchases from Extreme Engines. Each time I’m amazed by the quality of the products an the customer service before and after my...

Great info and work

Hi Karl, Cheers for all the great info and work, the Busa pulls fantastic ! smooth as silk. Have taken note on all your tips and will keep to them....

Breath of fresh air

Karl is a breath of fresh air in a market where very few suppliers are willing to listen and help with free, useful, no bullsh*t advice. Karl...

Awesome engine

Thanks again karl for supplying such an awesome engine . i never imagined we would get the results that we managed this year . 1st in class & no5...

Great job!

A big thanks to you Karl who made it possible to send us an engine that fast. We’re very happy that there are people out there like you who are...

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EXT-10007A Suzuki GSXR-1300 Hayabusa Crankshaft Lighten & Balancing

  • Model: EXT10007A
  • Shipping Weight: 12kgs
  • £420.00

Suzuki GSXR-1300 Hayabusa Crankshaft Lighten & Balancing

Extreme removes excess weight from your crankshaft and then balances it to race specs.

Lightened crankshafts rev much quicker.

The recontoured counterweights have less drag spinning through the oil mist resulting in more power to the wheel. (The crankshaft pictured has had counterbalance gear removed - optional.)

Then it is computer balanced for continued operation to 14,000 RPM.

Options include removal of the counterbalancer gear, and crankshaft stroking.

If counterbalance gear is removed, our special lightweight replacement shaft allows you to remove the entire heavy counterbalance mechanism from the engine.

Email us if you would like to discuss this or need more information enquiries@extremeengines.com

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