Fuel Injectors & Testing/Cleaning Services

Extreme Engines now offers motorcycle and car fuel injector testing and cleaning services.

We can,

  • Test & Measure Injector Operation

  • Measure Fuel Flow and Spray

  • Ultrasonically Clean Injectors

  • Reset and Match Injectors

  • Diagnosis of the complete fuelling system is now essential on fuel injected bikes and bike engine racing cars.

    Injector servicing is important and necessary for your engine to perform properly. Therefore, we would recommend you to get your injectors cleaned regularly.

    Fuel injectors can be cleaned with usual cleaning fluid however you canít make electronic adjustments.

    We can test your injectors and analyse their performance and efficiency. When problems are found, the injectors are cleaned in the supplied ultrasonic cleaning bath. The injectors mount in a special plate and are connected to the tester in order to operate them at high frequency during cleaning. After cleaning, the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets can be replaced before re-testing to ensure all the injectors are performing as a perfectly matched, balanced set.

    Cleaning and testing set (four injectors) of motorcycle injectors cost £70.00 plus VAT and £10.00 carriage.
    Car injectors (petrol engines only)£17.50 each plus VAT and £10.00 carriage.

    For further information please feel free to call Karl on 01354 680164.

    High Flow 630cc high-impedance (12.5).
    These injectors flow 60lbs/hr at 43.5 psi (3 bar).
    Engine performance enhanced through the optimized spray pattern. These injectors utilize a multi-orifice tip providing 30 degree spray pattern.

    Kit contains:
    4 modified 630 High Flow Injectors
    4 Top fuel rail adapters
    A set of O-rings
    4 EV1 connectors with wire tails

    This kit has been designed to fit std Gen 1 (99-07) Hayabusa throttle bodies with no other modification except wire connection.

    EXT-630HFI New Hayabusa 630cc High Flow Fuel Injector kit