Hayabusa Crankshaft

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R + 9mm Billet Stroker (72mm).

Manufactured using the highest quality E4340 aircraft Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel. Triple heat treated for extreme strength, toughness and durability. Features include:

  • High speed straight lineoiling system
  • Dynamic "no holes" balance
  • Through pin lightning holes
  • Ion-plasma nitride for superior journal surface hardness and ware resistance
EXT-10006 Extreme Billet Stroker Crankshaft 72mm

Hayabusa 99-on 72mm stroke steel Billet Crankshaft, made fro E4340aircraft Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel.comes with F1 surface finished
EXT-10007  Billet 72mm Crankshaft)

Extreme removes excess weight from your crankshaft and then balances it to race specs. Lightened crankshafts rev much quicker. The recontoured counterweights have less drag spinning through the oil mist resulting in more power to the wheel. (The crankshaft pictured has had counterbalance gear removed - optional.) Then it is computer balanced for continued operation to 14,000 RPM. Options include removal of the counterbalancer gear, and crankshaft stroking. If counterbalance gear is removed, our special lightweight replacement shaft allows you to remove the entire heavy counterbalance mechanism from the engine.

EXT-10007A Lightning & Balancing