Extreme Billet Starter Cover and Idler Gear

The Extreme Hayabusa Starter Clutch is designed to protect the starter motor and gear train from damage caused by low battery power and involuntary reverses caused by spinning a car.

By introducing a slipping element into the sprag gear in the upper starter train a measure of protection is introduced.

The arrangement is available as a sprag gear with outer cover which will work with the standard inner cover, or with a new billet machined hard anodised inner cover to complete the look.

EXT-10002 Extreme Billet Starter Cover and Idler Gear

EXT-00010 Billet Starter Cover

EXT-00011 Billet Idler Cover

Replacement gear for the standard Hayabusa crankshaft starter.
EXT-00012 Billet Idler Gear