Reverse Gearbox/Drive Coupling

EXT-80024 Suzuki Hayabusa 99-07 Drive Coupling Kit

Designed originally to fit the Caterham 7 with Honda Blackbird motorcycle power plant, but since adapted for use in most front engine, rear wheel drive cars. It provides direct drive in normal use and a chain gear train for reverse. More than 500 of these have now been produced and was used to establish a reversing record of 103 mph. Also approved for installation in Legend cars. The gear lever in the illustration is optional long lever as the particular installation may require a remote linkage. Finish is gold anodised.

Construction :- Casings are machined from 2 billets of 6082 aluminium alloy. All gears, shafts and the drive flanges are manufactured from gear steel, 655M13, and fully heat treated. The reverse gear chain is manufactured by Regina and is as supplied for speed way motorcylce primary drive, it being the premiere chain of its type. The Shafts are supported on ball bearings and needle rollers are used to support the shaft junction and also the reverse gear. The lower mounting points are bushed with metalastic anti vibration bushes, see layout drawing for detail of postion. Weight as shown is 6kgs. Lubrication is by splash and requires 120ml of gear oil, a level plug and magnet drain plug are also included.

The reverse gear ratio is 61% of the forward speed.


EXT-RGB1 Hayabusa Reverse Gearbox