Catch Tanks

The problem of engine crankcase breathing must be considered when preparing a wet sump for car competition. To avoid oil being deposited on the track the rules state that the oil bearing vapour must be either returned to the engine or to a suitable tank where the oil may be trapped. The normal system of sending the oil to the inlet manifold is undesirable in a high performance engine.

We offer a suitable tank in 1 or 2 liter sizes. Made of aluminium with a special cap incorporating a breather, there are two ¼ BSP female ports with adaptors to ½ hose on one side and a sight tube on the other. These are interchangeable so can be handled. The tanks are polished and may be anodized red, blue or gold.

CT3 - 1 Litre Brushed Aluminium Catch Tank

CT2 - 2 Litre Brushed Aluminium Catch Tank