Radiators/Electric Water Pumps/Fans

The concept of the electric fan as a replacement for the mechanical fan is well established. Because it is not running all the time it saves power and is more controllable.
DCFK Electric Fans

The electric water pump offers more available engine power, better mpg, improved cooling with quicker warm up and longer engine life. It is supplied in a kit form to replace existing belt driven water pumps. Max pressure 50psi/3bar, temp -20 to +130C, max current 7.5 amps, weight 900g, hose size 32-51mm, 1 ¼-2.
EXT-EWP1 12V 80Lpm Electric Water Pump

EXT-EWP115 - Electric Water Pump 12V 115 Lpm

Westfield Universal radiator. Fitment as original. A lot of Kit cars were fitted with the VW Polo radiator, plastic tank alloy poor performance core. This is a aluminium vastly uprated version that can be fitted as a direct replacement to original.

The radiator measures 470mm wing to wing, 315mm floor to bonnet and is 60mm deep.

RUNI 1 - Universal Radiator