Fuel Regulators

The Petrol King fuel pressure regulator is suitable for most fuels except methaanol. Fuel pressure adjustment may be set to any fuel pressure range between 1.5psi and 5psi. 8mm Tails, 1-7psi.
FPR008B Low Fuel Pressure Regulator

A fuel pressure regulator, designed to suit modified and motorsport engines. The benefit of these valves is that they are 'adjustable' and the fuel pressure (at the injector) may be altered to suit the engines requirements.1-5 Bar.
Regulator 8mm Tails + Gauge Port (Solid Mount)
AIR007 Adjustable Injector Valves 1:1

1-7 Bar, glycerine filled. For use with low fuel pressure regulator and injector valves.
FPG002 Fuel Pressure Gauge