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New Features:

Fits all models of Hayabusa from 99-15

This sump pan has no external scavenge hoses, the scanvenge is designed internally. This Makes the system very compact, less expensive to install and new great design and looks.

Kit includes:
Dry Sump Pan and pump
Electric Water Pump
3 Piece Dry Sump Tank

Fits all Models
The twin chamber gear pump is designed to replace the standard engine driven water pump. Water is then circulated by the electric pump.

The billet sump is machined to provide two oil take off's to the suction pump plus oil return feed from the remote tank (supplied). A connector supplied delivers oil from the sump inlet to the standard engine oil pump.
All components are anodised and bolts are supplied.

The electric water pump offers more available engine power, better mpg, improved cooling with quicker warm up and longer engine life. It is supplied in a kit form to replace existing water pumps. Max pressure 50psi/3bar, temp -20 to +130C, max current 7.5 amps, weight 900g, hose size 32-51mm, 1 ¼-2.

3 Piece easy clean tanks that can be disassembled for cleaning. They are designed to de-aereate the incoming oil and contain anti surge baffles. These are finished with natural aluminium as standard. 6.5in dia x 14in high - 7.6 litre total.

Please note design has improved and there is no baffle kit supplied

EXT-00006 New Complete Dry Sump Kit